Meet Solomon Liston, HSC Executive Pool Boy

As a Colorado native with a deep connection to the Rocky Mountains, a weekly geothermal soaker and an avid explorer of the Colorado River, Solomon Liston is a business and marketing professional in the tourism industry.

“Over the years, I have learned the critical role that hot springs and sunshine have played in both my physical and spiritual health,” Solomon said. He credits his background as a lifeguard at Glenwood Hot Springs and his nearly 20-year tenure as a whitewater raft tour guide on the Colorado River as his gateway into the geothermal industry. “I soak at least once a week for a mid-afternoon rejuvenation.”

After working for an internet marketing company focused on the hospitality and tourism industry, Solomon started his own business in 2012. Through his company SRL Relations LLC, Solomon uses relationship building to foster business growth—working with hotels, destinations, rafting companies and travel-related events and tours. In 2015, Solomon was recognized as one of the top ten frontline tourism workers in the state of Colorado, designated by the Colorado Tourism Board.

In addition to owning SRL Relations LLC, Solomon also works with the Hot Springs Connection. Melding his passions for hot springs, tourism and relationship-building, Solomon is bringing a fresh enthusiasm to the conference. “I’m honored to work with industry experts and continue to grow relationships,” he said.

Solomon oversees the Hot Springs Trade Exchange, manages sponsorships and assists with conference registration.

Contact Solomon at 970-379-7383.

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