Global Thermal Think Tank 2019 – China and Japan

Join international hot springs industry leaders in China on October 12-13 and in Japan October 18-20, 2019.


To all U.S. Hot Springs Owners and Operators:

On behalf of the Global Wellness Institute’s Hot Springs Initiative board, I would like to invite you to attend the Global Thermal Think Tank (G3T) China 12 & 13 October and G3T Japan 18 & 19 October, 2019. These are two separate events that are being held before and after the Global Wellness Summit 2019.

The significance of this incredible opportunity cannot be emphasized enough. Between the two countries, China and Japan have 24,872 of the 34,057 global commercial hot springs establishments and $US30.253 billion of the global estimated $US56 billion market – that is 73% of the businesses and 54% of the value in just two countries.* What’s more their hot springs markets, China in particular, are expanding rapidly. The knowledge and sophistication of these markets is profound.

The federal governments and local communities of both countries have known for a long time the ability of hot springs to be a lighthouse (major attractor) for regions helping achieve high levels of visitation and helping to both grow regional prosperity and the health and wellbeing of the nations. China was so aware of the potential of hot springs that over a decade ago their national tourism authority included hot springs as one of the ten pillars of tourism alongside other pillars like transport, accommodation, food and the natural environment. In Japan hot springs are in the DNA of the community and are as iconic an image of the nation as Mt Fuji, temples and sake.

Hot Springs operators in Japan and China are rapidly innovating and seeing hot springs as an avenue not only for relaxation and escape but also as a means to encourage visitors to engage in Wellbeing practices the enhance their health and vitality. They are creating practices and offerings to help the $US56 billion hot springs market be a leading light and a flowing river (the superhighway) to the $US639 billion Wellness Tourism market.

I have travelled to over 50 countries on hot springs research missions since 1998. I lived in Japan for 6 years over three different occasions and have visited China over 20 times since 1992. I know how hard it is to meet leaders of the hot springs industry in these countries and to start developing lasting and meaningful relationships.

G3T 2019 – China and Japan provide the best possible learning and networking opportunities for people in the hot springs industry.

Bookings need to be made by 31 August so please act now.

The invitations and information updates are available from the hot springs initiative resources web page –

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an e-mail.

We look forward to welcoming you to China and/or Japan.

Warm regards,

Charles Davidson


Global Wellness Institute Hot Springs Initiative


Chairman and Founder

Peninsula Hot Springs

E-mail: [email protected]

* Data from the Global Wellness Institute’s ‘Global Wellness Economy Monitor 2017’.



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