Exhibitor Spotlight: Cloward H2O

When it comes to water features, Cloward H2O  is expert at making a splash. In fact, designing and engineering innovative aquatic environments is their specialty. The award-winning Provo, Utah-based firm has earned a global reputation for delivering fantastical water-centric projects that include recreational waterparks, resort pools, aquarium habitats and other aqua environments, everywhere from Asia to Austin and Dubai to Disney World.

Cloward H2O’s engineers understand the priorities and challenges unique to the geothermal resort market. In the past four years alone, the company has worked on either the new construction or the renovation of hot springs pools at nine facilities—a total of 73 individual pools. “Hot springs projects have grown into a fun segment of our overall business,” Allen Clawson, Principal and Partner at Cloward H2O, said.

Recently, Cloward H2O completed a major renovation project at the world-famous Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Clawson and his team proposed a fast-moving adventure river experience, unique in the world, as Glenwood Hot Springs’ newest visitor attraction for families.

“Pools used to be just that—a cement pond,” Clawson said. “Now every hotel has a slide, city pools have become aquatic complexes, resorts are developing full on waterparks and waterparks must work hard to be better than the city pool. Every hot spring is unique; Glenwood found its key appeal was to cater to families and needed an active zone—preferably one that was separated from the relaxation zone.”

According to Clawson, geothermal attractions have a built-in advantage when it comes to market niche because hot spring water clearly differentiates them from other aquatic venues. However, in an increasingly competitive climate for tourism dollars, proactively addressing how to amplify guest experience can be a valuable endeavor, as it was for Glenwood Hot Springs. Clawson cautions against trying to please everyone. Instead, he advises celebrating what makes the geothermal attraction special—its water, history, the location—and starting there.

Hot springs are rightly associated with relaxation, but relaxation is subjective and can take many forms. “Relaxation might just mean being near the water with the ability to get a drink, for some it could be about connecting with nature though cascading waterfalls and lush plantings, others would prefer a more formal spa setting with a VIP experience,” Clawson explained. “Long before the design and engineering phases start, there’s a tremendous amount of thought that goes into creating a waterscape experience.”

Due to the global scale of its work, Cloward H2O is uniquely positioned to spot trends in the industry. One such new direction is the therapy circuit. According to Clawson, “It’s a series of varied experiences with different temperatures, depths, air bubbles, jets, mists, falling water, textures and aromas. The idea is that you move from zone to zone and experience all the varieties of therapeutic use of the waters.”

Whether an aqua-oriented enhancement is imminent or further out on the horizon, Cloward H2O, a partner-sponsor of the upcoming Hot Springs Connection, has much to share with attendees. Learn more from company principal and conference speaker Allen Clawson at the HSC Conference in California, on Nov. 4 – 8, 2019.


See Cloward H2O and other key industry partners here.

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