Hot Springs and CBD Products a Natural Fit

In 2016, Bryan Ward’s friend decided to expand his Colorado ranch by planting hemp and asked him for help. With a background in technology startups, Ward was intrigued and began learning everything he could about the uses of hemp. He soon discovered cannabidiol’s (CBD) successful use as a natural treatment for arthritis, insomnia, epileptic seizures, diabetes and other illnesses.

The following year, he established Sopris Health & Wellness in Carbondale, Colorado, and today the company sells full-spectrum CBD body care products, oil, gelcaps and salves for people as well as CBD treats and well-being tinctures for pets. Next up is a line of tinctures that combine hemp extract with other botanical extracts to target specific ailments with enhanced effectiveness. All Sopris products are hemp derived and can be sold and used in all 50 states.

“I realized hemp-extracted CBD supplements and oils were my opportunity to start a company dedicated to helping people increase well-being,” Ward says.

Natural Connection with Hot Springs

Many hot springs users tend to utilize alternative ways to elevate their health, including the Sopris team that is geographically surrounded by hot springs and frequently visits Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Avalanche Ranch.

“There is a real connection with the hot springs demographic and what we are doing as a company,” confirms Ward. “Many hot springs also incorporate spas into their businesses, and we have a lot of topical products like massage oil and lotion, as well as body lotion, eye cream and body butter.”

Top-Notch, Handcrafted Products

Sopris Health & Wellness utilizes the organic hemp Ward’s friend grows in Boulder County and utilizes a patented extraction method. “Rather than using CO2 or butane, we extract the CBD using an all-natural, low-temperature lipid infusion process,” Ward explains. “This process preserves the fullest spectrum of secondary cannabinoids, terpenes and other nutrient compounds from the hemp, which results in the most effective CBD on the market.”

The company handles everything from product design and formulation to manufacturing and sales. “We make small batches of handcrafted, artisanal CBD products in our Glenwood Springs workshop. Our commitment to quality and making the best products possible is what separates us from the rest,” he emphasizes.

Retail Partnerships

Many CBD product companies are having problems delivering products on time and providing affordable options for retailers to purchase and stock. “One of our commitments to our retail partners is to be easy 

to work with.  We want to give merchants a risk-free opportunity to sell our products, so there are no minimum orders and favorable payment terms and unsold products can be returned after 30 days,” Ward says.

Sopris Health & Wellness a

lso provides materials to help educate retailers, employees and consumers and offers on-site presentations. “We are committed to being an unbiased source of information about CBD and not just selling our products. For example, we can talk about the pros and cons of different styles of CBD products,” he notes.

Community Service

Sopris Health & Wellness is committed to being a responsible community member in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley and donates 5 percent of proceeds to organizations that support mental health services and help combat the opioid crisis. 

For more information, contact Sopris Health & Wellness at 970.372.0523 or [email protected].

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