Meet David K. Aaker, Hot Springs Connection Keynote Speaker

Many business owners can attest, when it comes to customer service, it’s a must for any successful public-facing endeavor. A welcoming and supportive environment can transform an experience, whether it’s at a hot springs, restaurant, or appliance store.

David Aaker, who has been named “Among America’s Best Speakers” by American Airlines’ Sky Radio and has earned international acclaim for his motivational speeches and workshops, educates communities on the importance of customer service.

Aaker, who is also an author, trainer, owner and principal of Aaker and Associates, will be joining the Hot Springs Connection as this year’s keynote speaker. He will be bringing with him 36 years of experience, rooted in the chamber management and non-profit training arena. Aaker is a faculty member at the United States Chamber of Commerce Institute program and teaches at five universities nationwide. He was previously the CEO of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce and before that the executive director of the Palmdale Chamber of Commerce.

His motivational speaking services have been utilized in presentations and seminars for regional, state and national conferences, at local and state Chambers of Commerce, by state boards of tourism, by convention and visitor bureaus, by sovereign nations and by municipal governments including the United States Air Force.

Some of Aaker’s specializations include customer service, organizational management, leadership and communication, with several clients across the tourism and hospitality industries. At the Hot Springs Connection, Aaker will be presenting “Customer Service in Hospitality and Tourism.”

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