Meet Matthew Williamson, COO of Design for Leisure

As the Chief Operating Officer of Design for Leisure, Matthew Williamson has a wide range of experience in the hydrothermal wellness industry.

Williamson oversees the company’s operations and activities in North America, which includes design contracts and project installations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

One aspect of Williamson’s position is to work directly with a team of designers to create 5-star, luxury spa experiences. These water-based wellness journeys combine the health benefits of ancient bathing practices with modern design, materials and technology. Design for Leisure’s system-built solutions are completely turn-key, and have an exclusive U.S. distribution partnership with a select group of Europe’s leading spa equipment manufacturers. The result: each Design for Leisure build and install is completed to the highest manufacturing standards in the world.

“We make spa visions a reality,” Design for Leisure’s mission states, “because luxury doesn’t just happen.”

Design for Leisure reinforces and supports the cultural significance of spa experiences: that people around the world have harnessed the cleansing and healing powers of water and heat for thousands of years, which include the health benefits of hot and cold contrast therapy.

Williamson has held the COO position since 2007, and has worked on many notable projects, including the award-winning Canyon Ranch Aquavana Spa at The Venetian in Las Vegas. His portfolio also includes other high-profile projects, like CIVANA in Carefree, Arizona; Faena Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach; and Nizuc Resort and Spa in the Mexican Caribbean.

With expertise regarding the latest spa trends, as well as top-of-the-line materials, products and equipment, Williamson is joining the Hot Springs Connection speaking lineup as a partner within one of the world’s leading wellness and luxury destination brands.

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