Meet Mogli Cooper, Co-Owner of Iron Mountain Hot Springs

When Mogli Cooper was only 20 years old, she left her home in Lucerne, Switzerland with only a backpack. According to Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine, she landed in New York with a Greyhound bus pass to explore the United States on her way to South America, wanting to ski the Andes. Along the way, she found herself in Aspen, and made the valley her home.

Since then, Cooper has laid roots in the area as a real estate agent, with over 35 years of experience. While brokering a home, she became friends with the owner, developer Steve Beckley. Later, her company also brokered Beckley’s purchase of the land that would become Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Beckley invited Cooper and her husband mid-sale to join the business as co-investors. Iron Mountain Hot Springs opened in Glenwood Springs, Colorado in 2015 and has earned wide recognition as a top-tier attraction.

For Cooper, the transition into the hot springs industry was a natural one. In Switzerland, week-long visits to “kurorts”—curative destinations centered on hot springs—are considered vital to maintaining health, as normalized as regular check-ups at the doctor’s office. Her experiences as a wellness expert have helped shape Iron Mountain’s European-spa-inspired soaking style, which is a large draw to the rejuvenating 16-pool property.

Some of Iron Mountain’s accolades include Wellness Centre of the Year by Luxury Travel Guide, numerous Local’s Choice awards and Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association’s Business of the Year. Cooper has been awarded DECA Entrepreneur of the Year and featured in “Women Who Rock the Rockies” by Mountain Town Magazine.

For the second year in a row, Cooper will be joining the Hot Springs Connection as a speaker. She and Beckley will discuss the challenges and rewards of building a commercial hot springs facility from scratch.

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