Meet Trent Blizzard, Partner at BlizzardPress

Internet marketing is Trent Blizzard’s forte. With over 20 years of professional experience, Blizzard is the owner of BlizzardPress, located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

In 1997, Blizzard founded a web-marketing agency that became wildly successful with large clients all over the nation. In 2013, he sold his previous agency and started BlizzardPress, aiming to work one-on-one with clients, building more personalized and thoughtful relationships. He works directly with businesses to turn online marketing efforts into measurable results.

Blizzard’s expertise dips into all realms of digital marketing. His specialties include the design of highly usable WordPress websites, search engine optimization, analytics and analysis, blogging, email marketing, retargeting and Google Adwords.

In his spare time, Blizzard is an avid wild fungi hunter. He and his wife and two dogs can be found wandering through the conifers, foraging for as many different species of edible mushrooms that he can find.

Blizzard is joining the Hot Springs Connection this year as a speaker and will be presenting “Ten Secrets to Website Success for the Busy Manager: How to Increase Rankings, Traffic and Conversion Rates.” In his segment, Blizzard will go over a mix of classic strategies and new tactics tailored toward hot springs businesses—to elevate websites to the next level. This session will also focus on helping busy executives to easily manage their web team, through task prioritizing, asking the right questions and where to focus time and energy.

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