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Michael Geyer

President, Exceptional Water Systems & Pure Vision Technologies

As President of two companies, Exceptional Water Systems and Pure Vision Technologies, Michael Geyer’s vision, belief and teaching is to continually improve water quality for all aspects of life. Geyer has dedicated his time and energy in researching water down to the quantum physics level, having had the opportunity to work with many scientists, biochemical engineers, water treatment specialists and doctors from all over the country.


Michael’s passion for water began in 2005 with a local commercial pool and spa distributor where he became a Certified Pool Instructor. Having the opportunity to share his knowledge about water quality, hydraulics and safety inspired Michael to start Exceptional Water Systems. Two years later, he then founded Pure Vision Technologies, which manufactures and develops new technologies and products that deliver the purest water possible to commercial and residential pool and spa markets. This process utilizes the three elements of life: oxygen, ozone and CO2.

PRESENTATION: Water Quality and New Sanitation Protocols

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