January 8 – 11, 2024  – Murrieta Hot Springs Resort

Murrieta, California

Murrieta is a vibrant and growing city located in southwestern Riverside County, California. With a population of over 112,000 residents, Murrieta offers a suburban feel and an abundance of amenities. The city boasts a warm and sunny climate, making it a desirable destination for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. Its charming downtown area is filled with quaint boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Both Murrieta and nearby Temecula are home to acres of vineyards and cellars from which delicious California-made wines are produced.

Nearby airports

San Diego International Airport (SAN)
67 miles from Murrieta Hot Springs Resort

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
90 miles from Murrieta Hot Springs Resort
Palm Springs International Airport (PSP)
65 miles from Murrieta Hot Springs Resort

Murrieta Hot Springs Resort

Murrieta Hot Springs, originally named after its owner Juan Murrieta, was developed into a world-class health spa resort by German immigrant Fritz Guenther in 1902. The resort attracted visitors from across the country who sought to experience the healing attributes of the curative water and to enjoy the luxurious amenities offered, such as mud baths, tennis, miniature golf, and dancing. The resort remained in the Guenther family until the 1970s, when it was sold to Irving Kahn and then to Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa in 1995. The resort expanded to include modern bathhouses, luxury accommodations, and various recreational activities over the years.

The resort is now being reimagined by those behind The Springs Resort with a mission to continue the stewardship of those before us, maintaining Murrieta Hot Springs’ deep legacy while modernizing it and re-opening it to the public.

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