R2M2 Solutions by Blu3 MG

R2M2 Solutions is a reservation system, tailored to the resort industry. They provide reservations, retail (POS) and marketing & management solutions all in one proprietary software. For a full brief on their system, visit them online to learn more.  Would you like to set up an appointment? Email: [email protected] to schedule time to check out this all-encompassing business management software. 

City of Desert Hot Springs

The City of Desert Hot Springs will host a reception and dinner Wednesday, November 6 at Cabot’s Pueblo Museum where in 1914 Cabot Yerxa, using little more than a pick and shovel, unearthed the curative mineral waters of this spa town.

Hot Springs of America

Thermal waters are special. Each one is a unique, naturally occurring phenomenon. You can’t just build a hot springs spa anywhere. The geothermal conditions have to be exactly right.

The creators of this website have a passion for hot springs and think there should a centralized place for you to find information about all of them. We have done extensive research to identify every hot springs facility in the country and mapped each one. There are also useful tips on the history of thermal baths and how to tap into the health benefits of these mineral-rich resources.


Sopris Health & Wellness

Sopris Health + Wellness is committed providing the highest quality products to promote health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Founded in 2017 in Carbondale, Colorado their mission is to become your trusted partner for natural and alternative remedies that leverage the therapeutic properties of CBD. Explore more about their products and story here.

AARFID is a company that aims to make technology solutions more accessible. They are a market-driven business within the Automatic Identification (AID) industry. Offering numerous services and products, AARFID bridges the gap between the providers of AID components and the thousands of potential applications of the technology. Among these applications are alternative guest room key systems, linen management, pool towel check-in and out systems, safety and security, access control, ticketing, point of sale, digital signage, membership management, guest registration services, guest room access, cashless payment systems and more.


Medicine Springs was formed by taking a chemical analysis of the most healing natural springs to be found anywhere in the world. They leveraged these results, removed the water, separated the compounds, isolated the reactions and packaged it. This allows anybody to turn his or her bathtub or hot tub into a world famous healing mineral spring!


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