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2022 Presentations

Meet All of Our Attendees
by Jessica Meath, Marketing Director, Hot Springs Association

Automatic Identification Systems
by Matt Monnat, AARFID, Executive Vice President

History of Hot Springs National Park
by Tom Hill, Museum Curator, Hot Springs National Park

Protecting Your Hot Springs Resource – exploration and drilling for hotter water or more flow
by Jeff Birkby, geothermal energy consultant & hot springs book author

Finding New Wells
by Bryan Yearout, Durango Hot Springs

Engineering Optimization Strategies for Geothermal Energy
by Dan Aldred, Cloward H2O

New Construction, Expansions, Renovations and Restoration Projects
by Vicky Nash and various hot springs owners along with DHM Design: Walker Christensen and Jen DiCuollo

Medical History of Geothermal/Hydrothermal Treatments
by Dr. Marcus Coplin

Conscious Water and Dreaming Souls
by Professor Jonathan Paul De Vierville, PhD, MSSW

Health Benefits of Bathing in Thermal Mineral Water
by Dr. Marcus Coplin, Naturopathic Physician and Director of Water Medicine for BANA

Optimizing Surgical Outcomes in Orthopedics: Combining Pre-surgical Rehab with Post-Surgery Thermal Therapy
by Dr. Michael E Janssen, DO

Mineral Springs and Spa Development / Spa Operations and Management
by Hugh Jones, spa & fitness industry expert and Lynn Curry, spa consultant

Healing Waters and Spa Journeys
by Linda Troeller, fine art and editorial photographer

Hot Topics in the Insurance Industry
by Nettie Avery, Glenwood Insurance

Attracting and Retaining Employees
by Jim Mikula and Ruth Ann Hattori

Chlorine vs. Salt vs. Ozone vs. Oxygen
by Michael Geyer, Exceptional Water Systems

Model Aquatic Health Code update and Essential Services Designation
by Vicky Nash

Market Research and Industry Trends
by Vicky Nash

Measuring and Assessing the Socio-cultural, Environmental and Economic Impacts of Hot Springs: a case study of hot springs in regional Australia
video by Gaelle Joson, PhD candidate, Victoria University, Melbourne

Marketing and Public Relations
by Jessica Meath and Vicky Nash

International Hot Springs Collaborations
by Vicky Nash and Jessica Meath

Bathing Australia
by Charles Davidson and Matt Sykes