Jeff Birkby
Birkby Consulting

Utilizing his experience as a geothermal energy specialist with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, Jeff has consulted on a variety of geothermal direct use and power generation projects for 30+ years. He is the author of Geothermal Energy in Montana – A Consumers’ Guide and numerous hot springs guidebooks.

Don Genders
CEO, Design for Leisure

Don is a globally respected expert in the design and implementation of hydrothermal spas and wellness facilities. Spanning 27 years, Design for Leisure has worked with top-rated spas on five continents. Don is Chair of the Global Wellness Institute Hydrothermal Initiative which publishes the Guide to Hydrothermal Spa and Wellness Development Standards.

Steve Beckley
Co-owner, Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Steve has been in the tourism business in Glenwood Springs since 1999, when he and his wife Jeanne reopened Glenwood Caverns. It has grown into a dynamic destination known for its world-class attractions. In 2015, they brought another historic destination back to life as the internationally acclaimed Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Janet Abbott
Board President, BANA (Balneology Association of North America)

Janet’s personal research and work with the US Geological Survey as well as her background in the health and wellness field make her the ideal person to set the course for BANA’S goals; to inform, educate and raise general awareness to the benefits found in mineral water bathing.

Prof Jonathan Paul De Vierville
PhD, MSSW, LCSW, LPC Balneology Assoc. of North America

Professor De Vierville studied in Europe as a Bath Master and wrote, “A History of American Spas and Healing Waters.” As a Professor Emeritus of The Humanities, History and Interdisciplinary Studies at The Alamo Colleges: St. Philip’s College, he is an Analytical Jungian Psychotherapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Professional Counselor, and owns The Alamo Plaza Spa at the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

Mark Detsky
Attorney, Dietze and Davis, P.C.

Mark’s practice involves matters related to water, energy and electricity, transactions, corporations and real property. His experience in Colorado Water Courts includes adjudication of applications for tributary and non-tributary water rights, plans for augmentation, changes of water rights, and exchanges. He also addresses transmission matters and hydropower development with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

vicky nash 2017_500
Vicky Nash
Conference coordinator, Hot Springs Connection and CEO, Resort Trends, Inc.

With vast travel industry experience spanning 36 years, Vicky operates the tourism marketing firm Resort Trends, Inc. which specializes in project management, public relations, communications, content creation, and graphic design for destination marketing organizations, tourism associations, attractions, resorts, hotels, hot springs, spas, and the award-winning Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop.

Mogli Cooper slim
Mogli Cooper
Co-owner, Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Resident wellness expert Mogli Cooper grew up in Lucerne, Switzerland, where week-long visits to “kurorts,” curative destinations centered around hot springs, are considered as essential to maintaining health as regular checkups. Her focus on creating a rejuvenating, European-spa-inspired soaking experience is a driving force in Iron Mountain Hot Springs’ success.

Angie_Fowler_low res
Angie Fowler
Senior Water Resources Engineer, SGM

With over 20 years of experience focused on watershed management, water quality modeling and permitting, Angie has been supporting local hot springs facilities with the implementation of their water quality discharge permitting requirements, often acting as a liaison, offering specific technical experience and knowledge in understanding the influence of water quality related to treatment and permitting.

Carolin Gey
Carolin Gey
Director, Liquid Sound North America

Carolin has over 24 years of experience building upon her early work in the European health care and wellness communities. Her involvement in the wellness and hot springs spa industry comes from a long time association with the German company Liquid Sound. Currently Carolin is Liquid Sound’s North American partner and development representative.

walker christensen
Walker Christensen
Principal, DHM Design

Walker is a Landscape Architect and Principal with DHM Design in Durango, Colorado. His professional experience specializes in public parks, hot springs, stream and wetland restoration, adaptive reuse and sustainable design. Walker has worked on projects throughout Colorado and the West including Ouray and Astoria Hot Springs and the Twin Peaks Lodge.

Allen Clawson, P.E.
Principal & Managing Partner Cloward H2O

With 24 years of experience as an aquatic engineer, Allen has successfully implemented water quality technologies in recreational facilities throughout the US and beyond. He was Director of Engineering for DEL Ozone, has his name on several patents and has authored numerous papers. He is responsible for strategies now considered standard practices in the industry.

Tom Kavanaugh
Manager, Ouray Hot Springs Pool and Fitness Center

With over 8 years of experience managing and operating the historic Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Tom Kavanaugh oversaw its recent multi-million-dollar transformation. Tom will speak to the successes and challenges of this project, in addition to the nuances of the operational management of a new facility in a dynamic environment.

Bill Kight headshot
Bill Kight
Executive Director Glenwood Springs Historical Society

Bill Kight has over 30 years of experience as a cultural resource manager, archaeologist, ranger, community liaison and public affairs officer for the BLM and U.S. Forest Service. Bill served on the Tribal Implementation and Sacred Site Policy Development teams and now oversees the Glenwood Springs Historical Society.

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