Gerry Huttrer

Gerry Huttrer

retired, Geothermal Management Company, Inc.

Gerald W. Huttrer earned his BA in geology in 1960 from Dartmouth Collage and an MS in geology in 1963 from the University of Washington. He worked for 8 years on international and domestic engineering geology and mineral exploration projects and, since 1971, has concentrated almost exclusively on geothermal feasibility, exploration, and development.

Mr. Huttrer has held positions of significant corporate responsibility within the geothermal industry including those of Chief Geologist, Exploration Manager, Vice President of Business Development, Executive Vice President, and President. He is a multi-term director and a past President of the Geothermal Resources Council, a past member of the Board of the Geothermal Energy Association, the President of U. S. Geothermal Industries Corporation (an international geothermal development consortium), and the President of CHS Inc. (a small Colorado energy development company). Finally, he has been licensed as a Geologist and an Engineering Geologist in California and in Oregon. In 1996, he received the prestigious Joseph W. Aidlin award from the Geothermal Resources Council for his “outstanding contribution to the Council and to the development of geothermal energy.”

Mr. Huttrer has had consulting roles in numerous public and private sector geothermal projects including some related to electric power generation, high, medium, and low temperature drilling and project development, district and space heating, technical analyses of geothermal heat pump exchangers, design of advanced geothermal drills, and land evaluations ranging from a few acres to entire (small) countries. A specialty field for Mr. Huttrer is the investigation of the potential for initiation of small-scale geothermal power and/or direct use projects in developing countries and in rural parts of the U.S.A.

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