Murrieta Hot Springs Resort to Open To the Public in February 2024

Opening February 2024, Murrieta Hot Springs Resort invites guests to discover a journey of renewed Vitality – centered around all-natural therapeutic geothermal waters 

MURRIETA, CAOctober 19, 2023 – For more than a century, the cultural heritage of Southern California has been enriched by the therapeutic mineral springs nestled within a historic 1902 site known as Murrieta Hot Springs Resort. Over the past 30 years, the property has been inaccessible to the public. This will soon change as the team behind The Springs Resort in Pagosa Springs, COannounces today that in February 2024Murrieta Hot Springs Resort will reopen, newly reimagined and ready to welcome guests and the surrounding community. First reservations are now being accepted at

“We are dedicated to preserving the heritage of Murrieta Hot Springs Resort while simultaneously adding new chapters to its storied history. We’ll introduce exceptional facilities, restorative spa and wellness experiences, and a range of offerings – all centered around promoting vitality through the revitalizing qualities of geothermal mineral water and Southern California quintessence. Here, visitors can genuinely be in the moment and step away from the daily routines of life to focus on their well-being,” – says Sharon Holtz, Vice President of Wellness at Murrieta Hot Springs Resort.


Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, this new era in the storied history of Murrieta Hot Springs Resort will be anchored in a 100% adaptive reuse renovation of the property. Reinvisioned by lead architect Chris Campbell of RQTEX in partnership with award-winning Los Angeles design firm Omgivning, the restoration showcases original architecture, with each building expressing a distinctly California architectural history. Lush and established landscaping perfectly frames the resort’s modernized interiors and thoughtful furnishings. Spanning 46 acres, it will feature 174 rooms, from deluxe suites to double queen rooms with views of an on-site lake, and starting rates ranging from $399 – $899.

The resort’s use of geothermal water, programming, and amenities are where it truly distinguishes itself – led by Holtz, and the resort’s Medical Director, Dr. Marcus Coplin, ND. Blending Holtz’s substantial experience in the spa and wellness industries with Dr. Coplin’s expertise in Balneology and hydrothermal therapies, they have created a program centered around four core Vitality elements: Revitalization, Activity, Nutrition, and Sleep – all rooted in the power of geothermal waters and time-tested, science-based traditions.

More than 50 geothermal pools, water features, and cold plunges await visitors. For the first time in a generation, the coveted waters that once gave Murrieta Hot Springs Resort the reputation of the best Health Resort in California will be open to the public. The ancient alkaline geothermal waters are the essential element for guest Vitality and contain a unique combination of nine minerals: Sulfate, Chloride, Boron, Calcium, Lithium, Potassium, Sodium, Silica, and Bicarbonate, contributing to its profound rejuvenating effects. With a Science-based Soaking Guide developed specifically for the resort, guests are shown how to best utilize the geothermal water to experience an enhanced sense of well-being.

“There is a direct antioxidant effect, an enhanced anti-inflammatory effect, and greater pain-relieving experiences from the minerality of the water at Murrieta Hot Springs Resort. The water’s heat, the pressure of the water on the skin, and the minerals in the water all provide specific detoxifying effects by increasing your body’s ability to do what it naturally does with the added benefit of resetting the nervous system, leaving you feeling rested, vital, and whole,” – says Dr. Coplin.

The Historic Bathhouse, open to day visitors and overnight guests is where most visitors’ wellness journeys begin. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of Bath Hall hydrothermal experiences that include a steam room, warm pools, and an adjacent cold plunge, allowing guests to reap the benefits of contrast bathing to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

From there, they can ascend to the terra thermal mud loft and panoramic sauna while taking in expansive views of the resort and region and enjoying a rooftop sundeck. Guests can enhance their rejuvenating visit with treatments in The Spa. Treatments are inspired by the minerals in the geothermal water, abundant agricultural region, and mud bathing history. The focus on traditional hydrothermal treatments will deepen the sense of rejuvenation for guests.

All of the property’s rooms are thoughtfully curated and greatly emphasize the restorative power of sleep. Each includes a specialty sleep tray with items to help facilitate a good night’s sleep and educational materials and sleep techniques to use and take home, created by Dr. Coplin,  to offer uncompromised rest. There are also Sleep Rooms, specifically optimized for a better night’s sleep, featuring Bryte Balance TM beds with connected technology, a select pillow menu, blackout curtains, lighting controls, temperature regulation, and an ambient soundscapes machine.

The property’s dining options will support the resort’s focus on well-being without sacrificing enjoyment.  Guests can explore a poolside café, gazebo bar, coffee shop, lounge bar, and restaurant. Thoughtfully crafted culinary experiences celebrate fresh, local produce, international flavors, and artful presentations. Dining options accommodate various dietary preferences for effortless dining.

Revitalizing wellness activities, available with overnight guest stays, include aqua yoga, aqua sound baths, meditation, restorative yoga, and restful recharge, – to name a few.  Guests will also have access to the resort’s world-class Fitness Center featuring a program of group fitness classes, catering to all fitness levels, that focus on aerobic and strength training for powerful results.

Murrieta Hot Springs Resort opens to the public in February 2024 and is located at 39405 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd, Murrieta, CA 92563. Bathhouse hours of operation are Monday – Sunday, 9 am – 10 pm, Spa hours of operation are Monday – Sunday, 9 am – 9 pm. Overnight guests receive complimentary wellness activities and 24-hour soaking access with their stay. Memberships and day passes will be available. For additional information, a comprehensive list of bathhouse services, and resort amenities, please visit the website at or follow on Instagram at @murrieta_hotsprings.

Established in 1902 and renowned as one of the nation’s premier “wellness destinations,” Murrieta Hot Springs Resort has undergone an extensive restoration following three decades of being inaccessible to the public. In February 2024, the team behind The Springs at Pagosa Springs will proudly unveil the revitalized Murrieta Hot Springs Resort, which will be open to the public. The resort, a 100% adaptive reuse renovation project, is poised to shine as a beacon of health and vitality. Rooted in science-backed methods and traditional wisdom, it creates a personalized experience, giving guests the tools they need to maintain their well-being beyond their stay. The rejuvenating geothermal waters flowing throughout the property are central to the overall enjoyment of the resort and are thoughtfully incorporated throughout the guest experience. The resort is conveniently located between Los Angeles and San Diego, providing easy access for restful weekends away from major cities. To learn more, please visit the website at or follow on Instagram at @murrieta_hotsprings.

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