Meet Janet Abbott, BANA Board President

The power of water is far-reaching; in the geothermal arena especially, mineral waters are known for their wellness, health, hygienic and therapeutic benefits. Janet Abbott is the board president of the Balneology Association of North America (BANA)—an organization that supports the research, information and education of medicinal springs.

Balneology boils down to the study of bathing; of water, and what it can do for humans. Abbott is well-versed in BANA’s mission and has dedicated her career to spreading an impactful message: water is vital, far beyond drinking it.

“The positive health effects the body receives through a soaking experience in warm mineral water chemistry for therapy and healing is what BANA is all about,” Abbott said. “Mineral waters can be transformational.”

Abbott has studied, practiced and taught for over four decades with integrative health and wellness systems in various states across the US, including Florida, New York, Illinois, Vermont and Texas. She has also conducted geothermal mineral waters research in Florida, New York, Texas, California, New Mexico and Mexico.

With an extensive background in the health and wellness field, numerous geothermal projects have crossed Abbott’s path over the years. In addition to personal research and work with the US Geological Survey, Abbott was a contributor for the Texas Renewable Energy Resource Assessment, providing direct use recommendations for the lone star state; presented for TREIA on behalf of reviving soaking facilities for community development; and has been featured as a speaker and presenter for the benefits of water chemistry for healing.

With her experience, Abbott’s main goals are to inform, educate and raise awareness of the benefits tied to bathing in water with mineral content.

For the third year, Abbott will be returning to the Hot Springs Connection as a speaker, water sommelier and representative of BANA—focusing on the health impacts of mineral water bathing.

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