AARFID: Automatic Identification Systems

AARFID is an industry leader providing automatic identification solutions for the hospitality industry with a strong focus on contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) communication and innovative software. For state-of-the-art, proven technology, AARFID’s devices and systems include key cards, key wristbands, mobile key room activation, towel and linen inventory control, among others.

Customizable Credentials:

AARFID offers a wide variety of wristbands, key cards, and other credentials manufactured using industry best technology and property-specific artwork combined with timely stock management.

AARFID’s OQMate solution enables room key based charges resulting in more secure identification and a modernized guest experience.

AARFID’s SeQure customizable locker systems provide high-quality RFID locks and lockers with simplified and definable access control.

AARFID’s ViQ seamlessly integrated gate technology improves customer experience and security by connecting vehicle information to guests.

AARFID’s TowelTraQ provides a streamlined solution to track and manage towel and robe use while delivering a personalized guest experience.

AARFID works closely with their clients to understand overall goals and deliver solutions built for integration. Established in 2001 and based in the USA, the company has a talented well-rounded team with many years of automatic identification, technological, and developmental expertise. AARFID is driven by a passion for innovation and integration and thrives on building long term relationships as a trustworthy partner in an ever-changing field.

General Contacting and Project Management
One of AARFID’s offered services is general contracting. As experts in automatic identification, RFID, NFC, or bar coding, they can assist with things like alternative guest room key systems, linen management, pool towel check-in and systems, safety and security, access control, ticketing, point of sale, digital signage, membership management, guest registration services, guest room access, cashless payment systems and more.

Their project management services also help to tackle your most difficult industry challenges, through project planning, change control, status reporting and issue tracking, user acceptance testing and effective knowledge transfer.

AARFID’s ongoing maintenance program ensures that your systems remain state-of-the-art. They provide software updates and upgrades, plus related user documentation throughout the life of the contract.

Software Design and Development
Another of AARFID’s services is to bring high-tech software straight to your business. Their application development team creates custom solutions that include high-quality AID-based applications that suit the needs of your hot springs facility. Everything is designed to fit the dimensions of your specific industry and business size, understanding that when it comes to software, it isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Their specialties include testing services for applications, infrastructure and performance, user experience, security and privacy, as well as object-oriented design and programming, systems integration, AID data integration and web-based technologies.

Installation Services
Installation is easy with AARFID’s certified experts available to help. They have access to industry-leading engineers and partner with local electrical contractors and artisans. Installations include RFID solutions, computer networking, electrical work, cabinet installation and more. This service ensures that your business’ equipment and software is configured for optimal performance, without any new machine mishaps.

Technical training is available to maximize your automatic identification technology investment. AARFID’s goal is to provide training and relevant materials that allows clients to become sustainably independent. On-site and web-based training is also available.

And More
To learn more about the other services available to AARFID clients, such as site survey, integration services, implementation services, project management and help desk support, head to

For more information on AARFID, go to or contact them at 716-992-3999. See AARFID and other key industry partners here.

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