Harness the Geothermal Healing Powers of Mother Nature

There is one universal truth about hot springs: soaking is restorative. This idea traces back to Native Americans who gravitated toward the therapeutic properties of geothermal hot pockets. Today, hot springs facilities advocate health and wellness. One company has brought the powerful rejuvenation of hot springs to the comfort and convenience of home.

Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy is a take-home version of the healing benefits of mineral spas, without the water. The products were created by taking a chemical analysis of the world’s most healing natural springs, then leveraging those results by removing the water, separating the compounds, isolating the reactions and packaging it.

The result: Medicine Springs allows anyone to turn their bathtub or hot tub into a healing mineral spring.

How It Started

Medicine Springs was founded by Brandon Price. His mother, Brenda, suffers from painful arthritis that restricts her hand movement—she cannot close her hands. On vacation, Brenda soaked in a geothermal mineral hot spring and noticed that she was able to close her hands and the pain of her arthritis had subsided.

While not a cure for her ailment, the hot springs offered some much-needed relief. Brenda mentioned that she wished she could take that mineral water with her and use it at home. Brandon, a former high school science teacher, was inspired by her wish and figured that he had a legitimate shot at figuring it out. Thus, the idea for at-home relief through Medicine Springs was born.

From there, Brandon and his wife Julie began their research, conducting chemical analysis of many of the world’s most healing natural springs. Their scientific process (again, involving separating compounds and isolating the reactions) led the Price family toward harnessing the healing power of mineral springs.

Brandon and Julie found that there are three specific conditions that mineral springs are known to alleviate; they decided to create three different formulas of Medicine Springs therapies, each designed to help with a corresponding ailment.

The Three Medicine Springs Formulas

Medicine Springs provides three unique healing formulas: Joint, Skin and Sport. Each formula has products made specifically for bath or hot tub use, with no impact on plumbing, jets or filters.

Joint Formula
Medicine Springs began on a journey centered on arthritis, and how to alleviate related pains. “Joint” is a blend of minerals sourced from hot springs in the Western US and Japan, which were historically sought out for joint pain, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions associated with aging.

Skin Formula
This soaking formula was inspired by Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. These geothermal waters are known for helping soakers with issues such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, which often involve dwindling moisture and mineral content in the skin. Medicine Springs developed an at-home formula to provide relief for these conditions, and as a specialized form of skincare for the body’s largest organ.

Sport Formula
The third Mineral Springs blend was created to target issues such as soreness, fatigue and muscle recovery. The Sport formula was inspired by the Native American warriors that used to travel many miles to the nearest hot springs to recover from the ailments of battle, which was often called “sport.” Now, whether an athlete or someone with muscle pain, soakers can find relief in the comfort of their homes without traveling great distances.

To learn more about Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy and their goal to “harness the geothermal healing powers of Mother Nature,” head to and meet them at this year’s Hot Springs Connection.

Medicine Springs
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