How to Simplify and Unify Systems for Top-Notch Customer Service

R2M2 Solutions 2.0 is a complete software  management system designed specifically for the resort/hospitality industry, with a laser focus on locations that provide lodging, tours and activities. Lodging can range from tent camping and RV rentals all the way to cabins, lodges and hotels.

“Our system is a hybrid solution providing a combined web and software experience like nothing else on the market, offering solutions for hot springs businesses that include the Core Four features and functions,” says Co-Founder and Client Consultant Charla Brewer.

R2M2 Solutions encompasses all aspects of day-to-day business management for resort/hospitality entities in four key areas and helps make customer interaction seamless and simpler:

  1. Reservations including online, in-house and by phone;
  2. Retail functions such as complete management, integrated POS (point of sale) with barcode scanning, inventory control and label printing;
  3. Marketing tasks with custom CRM (customer relationship management) for newsletters, campaigns and reservation confirmations being just a few examples of options; and
  4. Management of staff with functions including printing forms, time clock management and best practice sales reports.

There are several other helpful functions to tap into as well.

  • Reservation Kiosk – This allows for reservation management throughout a resort such as, check in/out for all scheduled services. It’s ideal for checking in a guest at the Spa who booked via the front desk and more.
  • Interactive Map – Provides an at-a-glance view of rentals available for a specific date range.  Bookings can be made directly from the map and works via the internet and software. This works for both lodging and activities.
  • Digital Waivers & Forms – Allows users to get customizable check-in forms or liability waivers signed digitally and to store with the reservation for easy retrieval.
  • Group Payments – Makes it possible for one person to make a reservation and send a unique group payment code so their guests can then log into a secure online payment portal.

Meet the Creators

The three co-founders of the company—Charla Brewer and Angie and Curtis Tutterrow—combined their resort-specific business management, website design and software development know-how to form a unique system tailored for the hospitality/reservation management industry. 

“We set ourselves apart by our ability to understand this niche industry through 20 years experience operating small businesses just like our clients operate day-to-day. Our programming and web design skills have allowed us to get to market quickly, and we’ve had clients using our software since the first day it was released in December 2016,” notes Brewer.

“Our parent company is Blu3 Management Group, and R2M2 Solutions is one of our industry exclusive software management systems. It was designed for campgrounds, outfitters, paddle sports and resorts in mind and is equally applicable to the hot springs industry,” she explains.

Smooth Transitions

R2M2 doesn’t just install the software and leave. “What we enjoy most about working with new clients is the opportunity to truly help implement the system. There is no need to hire a systems integrations team alongside the purchase of our software system. We work through the transition process together by coaching every step of the way,” emphasizes Brewer. “Oftentimes, a software purchase decision has an impact on every area of operations, and it can be overwhelming to understand and move through this transition alone.”

That’s followed up by continued support and consulting to make sure R2M2 Solutions users develop best practices to maximize the software system for their own unique businesses. “We truly view clients as partners in our company. They are investing in us when purchasing our software, and we provide return on investment at every turn by consistently adding new features that are requested by customers,” she says.   

Case Study – Big Elk Floats and Camping

A typical first-time R2M2 Solutions client has either taken a step in the direction of a reservation system and is unhappy with the results or is headed that direction for the first time and currently is using a pen-and-paper method or spreadsheets.

For example, Big Elk Floats and Camping in Pineville, Missouri opened for business in 1989 and is owned and managed by the second generation, which inherited a system that utilized pen and paper and more often than not, a handshake to solidify a reservation. “Wanting to do more, we hired R2M2 and began using the system in April 2017. The first year was an adoption process; we worked to adopt the computer for our communication method and trend away from the habit of relying on paper to keep our records,” says owner Pat Tinsley.

Big Elk Floats and Camping was able to successfully incorporate its reservation and point-of-sale processes into R2M2 and had online reservations up and running from day one, working from a shared database that prevented double entry of reservations. “We paid for our software for four years within the first season’s online reservation sales alone. It’s like having a 24/7 desk attendant at our fingertips for a few hundred dollars a month,” Tinsley says.

In season two, Big Elk Floats and Camping upgraded to the full system, which includes CRM for marketing and kiosk for off-site reservation management. “CRM allows us to remain connected to our clients via email marketing and deliver custom reservation confirmations and other marketing material,” he shares. “This also combined with our system, and we do not have to manage our data separately with add-ons, application program interfaces and all of the other stressful things that go along with incomplete reservation management systems.”

By 2019, the business really hit its stride, and customers have noticed the improved operations. “Several compliments come in regarding the ease of checking in, registering for our activities and purchasing anything along with these other steps,” Tinsley says. “In the hospitality industry, we can all recall experiences where our check-in process was subpar. As an owner, I know that this first impression is invaluable to my business, and my customers are having a great experience from start to finish.”

For more information, call 301.541.7083, email [email protected] or visit the Hot Springs Connection partner page.

Example of the software on a variety of devices.

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